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Solar panel manufacturers teach you how to distinguish the quality of solar panels

Issuing time:2020-01-13 17:00

Solar panels are the core material of photovoltaic systems. The quality of solar panels in the market is also uneven. If there is no professional equipment and expertise for the time being, how should we distinguish the quality of solar panels?


1 Look at the color Generally speaking, the appearance of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels is blue, and the uniform light blue or sky blue. If the color of the battery panel is dark and the colors are different, then the workmanship is definitely not detailed.

2. The surface of the toughened glass of the battery panel should be flat and free of foreign objects. Some small manufacturers do not clean up the silica gel dripping on the surface of tempered glass in order to increase the production speed. If the silicone is not cleaned, it will affect the power generation efficiency.

3. Look at the battery cells Each battery cell on the battery panel is intact and is cut through the whole. However, many irregular manufacturers on the market use broken battery cells to stitch together to form seemingly complete battery cells for welding. We looked to see if there were signs of cutting. This method has a lot of risks. It may not be obvious at the beginning, but the spliced battery slice is easy to disconnect again in the later stage, which affects the use of the entire battery panel. Of course, this situation is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

4. Look at the back to see the quality of the back pressure, if there is unevenness after the pressure, such as bubbles, wrinkles and so on.

5. Look at the frame Because the solar cell industry has a low barrier to entry, many small manufacturers use manual framing. Due to the uneven strength of each frame, the tightness of the frame is not uniform, and the shape is not strict The rectangular shape is also greatly reduced. Now generally used aluminum alloy frame.

6. Look at the silica gel to see if the silica gel is evenly distributed around the back and whether it penetrates tightly into the gap between the back panel and the frame.

7. Carefully observe the string welding of the cell for leakage. At the same time, it is also necessary to see whether the arrangement of the battery slices is regular.

8.Look at the junction box to see if the junction box is firm and whether the junction box cover can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; see if the wire lock can be rotated freely and tightened.

9. Look at the price if the above is difficult to distinguish. The safest way is to compare prices. Domestic battery panel prices fluctuate, although not absolute, but there will be a general range. If the price given by the manufacturer is far lower than the market price, then we must carefully distinguish. Finally, the manufacturer is required to issue the corresponding battery board certification, qualification documents, etc.

To sum up, there are many key points in the quality control of solar panels. We must judge the quality from subtle points. The above points are only aimed at how ordinary users judge the quality of solar panels by appearance without professional equipment and professionals. However, some quality problems cannot be observed with the naked eye, or they will only show up after a period of operation. Only by relying on professional means can it be found in time. In order to protect your rights and interests from being damaged, please be sure to choose a professional testing agency for inspection. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please choose manufacturers to cooperate, so the quality is more guaranteed,

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