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How to make solar panels more efficient? How to choose a more efficient solar panel?

Issuing time:2019-12-30 18:13

As everyone ’s lives “open source and reduce expenditures”, more and more people ’s lives are beginning to be green and environmentally friendly, as if this is the normal state of people ’s lives. Gradually, the emergence of solar panels not only meets the needs of everyone's lives, but also meets people's requirements for quality of life. This is not the case today. Solar powered power for RVs has gradually become popular. Windows solar panels are believed step by step and can be seen in the next few years. Solar panels appear on cattle and sheep GPS locators, forest cameras, security surveillance, outdoor solar Backpacks, tents, etc. are all mobile power sources for walking, and outdoor power generation is no longer a problem. For modern people, electricity is increasingly inseparable, and solar panels are a good way. People will search for "RV solar panels", "solar backpacks" and "solar chargers" on some shopping websites (Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.), and they range from one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan. The quality is No proof. How to choose a reliable solar panel from these fish-eye mixed beads?


So the first suggestion for everyone is to choose a regular manufacturer (with production scale, quality assurance, credibility, and quality monitoring system), and the key is to ensure the product. Don't be greedy for cheap, short service life, low power generation efficiency, so the safety of use cannot be guaranteed. Regular manufacturers have strict inspections from the incoming of the battery chip to the packing. When the battery chip is received, it must be visually inspected. From the surface, it is checked whether the chip is present, and then the voltage, current, and EL tests are passed through the layers of screening before entering the next process. Cell reverse current test. In a photovoltaic module, if the reverse current of the cell is too large, if a solar panel is blocked by shadows, the current will flow back and burn out the battery module. Therefore, the junction box behind the photovoltaic module needs to be installed Anti-reverse and bypass diodes to prevent reverse current.

When selecting, perform a laying inspection and lamination inspection if possible. Inspect the components for foreign matter, bubbles, cell fragments, backplane defects, EVA failure to melt, delamination and other defects. For example, if there is a chip in the component, it is not welded flat during the welding process. If the EVA is left for too long after cutting, it will cause air bubbles. Small defects have a big impact. The temperature near the bubble is different from the surrounding part. EVA is prone to yellowing, leading to premature damage to the component. It may also cause similar hot spot effects, causing the local burnout of the battery to form dark spots, affecting output power, service life and even safety risks. At present, the quality of solar panels can be judged by EL tests on the market.

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