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RV solar panel installation precautions

Issuing time:2019-12-30 17:41

RV solar precautions


1. Installing solar modules is not simple and simple. You need to calculate how many watts of solar modules you need based on the power used by your RV electrical appliances, and then calculate how much batteries you need based on how many days of power you need Then, it depends on whether the calculated components can meet the needs of the roof area and whether the design is reasonable.

2. For the installation of solar modules, please pay attention to: firstly, you should not step on it; secondly, you cannot cover it.

3. When buying solar panels, you must install a controller to prevent overshoot and over discharge to the battery. Otherwise, if you do n’t use the car for a few days, and the sun is just poisonous these days, if you do n’t have a controller, keep charging the battery. Overcharging means that your battery has a high probability of being scrapped prematurely.

4. Most of our country is in the northern hemisphere. The installed battery panel should be able to form a certain angle with the roof of the car, so that it is easier to absorb sunlight. Some riders have measured that tiling solar panels is much less efficient than installing them at an angle.

In fact, there are too many knowledge points related to the solar energy of RVs, which will not be clear at one and a half, and will be sorted out in the future. Many riders may think that it costs so much to buy solar energy and only provides so little electricity every day. You just need to position the purpose of the RV solar, remember that the RV solar is only an auxiliary to the power of the RV. Whether it is installed or not is entirely up to your own consideration. Xiaobian feels that all the things that the RV uses are fully equipped to suit long-distance travel!

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