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What are the factors that affect the price of solar panels?

Issuing time:2019-12-30 17:38

Many customers are very surprised when choosing solar panels. Why are the solar panels of the same appearance different in price? Some solar panels only cost 3 yuan / watt, and some panels cost nearly 20 yuan / watt. What is the reason for such a big gap? Today, let Xiaobian take everyone to see what the reason is!



The effect of weight on price

When the RV leaves the factory, the RV manufacturer limits the weight of the RV to comply with national policies. For example, the weight of a trailer-type RV on the road cannot exceed 700KG. The weight of RVs, various household appliances and daily necessities take up a lot of weight. While maintaining the efficiency of solar panels, the lighter the better, and the lighter the solar panels, the higher the price. At present, the total weight of light solar panels using ETFE packaging materials on the market is 12 kilowatts at 400 kilowatts, accounting for only 30% of the weight of ordinary glass panels. Despite its lighter weight, its long-lasting impact resistance remains stable in RV mobile outdoor environments, and its glass components do not break.

The effect of temperature on prices

Many consumers believe that the more sunlight a solar panel illuminates, the hotter the solar panel, the greater the amount of electricity the battery generates. When the temperature of the solar panel is 25 ° C and the light is 90 °, it is the time when the power generation efficiency is the highest. When the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, each 1 ° C increase in temperature will reduce the power generation of solar panels by 0.3%. When glass is used as the packaging surface, the temperature of the battery will greatly increase due to the light transmission and thermal conductivity characteristics of the glass, which will affect power generation. When the temperature is high in summer, the glass surface of the solar cell panel is in a high temperature state, and almost all can be "fried eggs". In this case, despite plenty of sunny outside and high outdoor temperatures, the amount of electricity generated was lower than customers expected.



Impact of crystalline silicon cells on prices

The solar panel is composed of "crystalline silicon cells", and then the solar panel is formed by a packaging process. Therefore, the type and quality of the "invisible battery" is one of the important factors that determine the efficiency of solar panel power generation. Batteries are divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon by type. As technology matures, single crystal silicon has gradually become mainstream due to its price and efficiency advantages. Because the battery cells that make up the battery board are graded, so are the battery boards. The battery sheet includes three grades of A, B, and C. A-grade batteries are basically free of any defects and may be slightly scratched;

Class B battery chips may have defects, such as leaked tin paste, grid cracks, false printing, and other defects; Class C battery chips are mainly some recycled battery chips, which may cause false printing and chipping. The price and power generation effect are different for different quality levels. The service life will be different, but as qualified products, B and C battery chips are inexpensive and will be used by some companies. This also explains the huge difference in market prices for the same 100-watt solar panels. The silicon material used in solar cells is very fragile and easily damaged, so the packaging process also affects the integrity of the cell. After the solar cell panel has completed the packaging process, it needs to be thoroughly inspected by EL testing equipment. According to EL tests, cracked, black clumped panels are Class B or C solar panels. These black shadows are broken cracks and broken grids. In the case of invisible to the naked eye, many customers will feel that there is no difference between these solar panels, but in actual use, the two will have great differences in power generation efficiency and life. Fragments and debris will not only affect the efficiency and use of power generation, but also cause safety hazards due to short circuit of local battery current.

Summary: There are several reasons that affect battery prices

The packaging material for solar cells, the lighter the material, the less the body weight, the less damage to the car, the higher the price;

The packaging materials (surface material, aluminum frame, back panel, etc.) of the solar cell panel have good corrosion resistance, and the better the heat dissipation, stress and power generation of the solar cell panel,

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